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Sony screws European 360 and Wii Owners who want Ghostbusters

according to an article I read from DESTRUCTOID.COM Sony is going to make Ghostbusters:The Video Game a PS3 exclusive in Europe. I own a PS3 and a XBOX 360, I also plan on buying a Wii just for Ghostbusters. If this were happening here I’d be pretty pissed because I really want Ghostbusters on BLU-RAY but really, really don’t wanna HAVE to play the game on PS3. Even though Joe finally got a PS3,  he hardly ever uses it  (just like me). We’re always on our 360’s so it’ll be easier to to play multiplayer or co-op(don’t know if it’s actually in the game but you know) with a system we can easily make a party system. Sorry European countries that love Ghostbusters and don’t enjoy the PS3, your kinda boned.

I think it’s only right: USA, USA, USA, USA, USA.



This game has been out for awhile now and I just wanted to play this sandbox game on crack a bit of breathing room before reviewing it. So I’ve played through the one player story mode(I’m at the last anger inducing last boss battle), tried my hand at creating a level and played some of the totally insane user created levels. So when you start the game you HAVE to play through most of the story mode before they let you go on your own and try to make your own level. The story mode is mostly made up of training levels and also serves as inspiration. That built in inspiration is one of the best things about this game, it constantly makes you want to create bigger and better levels. The bad part about the story is that towards the end it can get insanely frustrating. I found it weird cursing at the cutsey Sackboys whenever I was mere feet from the end of a really tough level(The 2nd of the Collectors levels) and died because I got stuck on some invisible glitch.

Now while the game looks impressive and plays the same way while offline, when you go online their are some instances where the game either takes forever to load a level or just gives up on loading a level all together. I know it sounds like a nit pick, it is kind of a big deal when it happens constantly…which isn’t always the case. I love the fact that there are people out there that can wrap their minds around the INSANE level creation. I tried and I wanted to never touch the game again. So far I’ve played such levels inspired by: GHOSTBUSTERS, BACK TO THE FUTURE, NINJA WARRIOR, BATMAN:THE ANIMATED SERIES, etc. With the relatively short solo story, the user based level creation helps keep the game going.

I love this game, although it’s not perfect I find the near limitless scope of the game to be a bit daunting and impressive.




“Xbox 360’s life cycle will outlast PS3 lifecycle by one day”

I have both a PS3 and a 360, and the 360 is my #1 choice in gaming. I don’t really care for the PS3 exclusive games and use it mostly to watch BLU RAYS and random video files of shows I can’t normally see. It also seems to translate to pop culture, anytime you see characters playing video games 98% of the time it’s a 360 controller in their hands. It hasn’t always been that way and thus the inherent rivilary between the two. Right now 360 has the lead, but you’d be crazy to believe Sony is going to lay down without a fight. Now while theres always been a battle of words between the consoles, it seems SHANE KIM wants to make it personal. SHANE KIM is the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s games group and his job is to talk up his company but dang. According to KIM lays down the gauntlet. When asked when the life cycle of the 360 he said, and I quote:

“One day longer than the lifespan of the PlayStation 3.”

Final Countdown to Little Big Planet


These are new screen shots from DC UNIVERSE ONLINE for the PS3, which may just be my own personal PS3 saver

-photos from IGN

E3 2008:GOD OF WAR 3

Who didn’t see this coming. Should be awesome.

E3 2008:PS3 HOME

Okay I’m going to lay it all on the table…as of right now HOME does not seem like a awesome idea. It seems boring, I won’t mind if I don’t have to have HOME to play games but if I do I will be very upset. This could change when it finally comes out, but the idea does nothing for me…absolutely nothing.