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WONDER WOMAN animated movie Review

Wonder Woman is gonna punch you in the face

Wonder Woman is gonna punch you in the face

By now anyone who’s been paying attention(no one but me and Joe that I know of), DC has a history of making awesome animated projects(not even going to talk about the clusterpuck that was Gotham Knights). They’ve covered two of the DC Trinity (Bats and Supes) individually with Wonder Woman only getting a smaller part in NEW FRONTIER. With WONDER WOMAN we finally get this classic characters solo story. When I started to watch the movie I was instantly surprised that they decided to go with a much more violent Amazon…by surprised I mean happily surprised. The movie opens up with the God of War, Ares(Alfred Molina), taking on Hippolyta(Virginia Madsen) and the amazons in full scale battle. The fight is shown in all it’s violent glory, we get to see Artemis(Rosario Dawson) reveal in the blood lust and Ares and Hippolyta’s son slaying Amazons with ease. Here’s where we get to the first of two big decapitations.

Ares the God of War

DC has always had some of the best fight scenes in animation, look at any of their cartoons and the fights always have a sense of scale and importance. Wonder Woman has that in spades, even when WW is fighting one monster in the streets of DC it still feels like an epic battle. When during a battle against some enemy, Col. Steve Trevor(Nathon Fillon) crashes onto Paradise Island we get to see Diana(Keri Russell) get a chance to become the representative of the Amazons to the world(by secret of course). Of course Trevor has a thing for Diana, we can’t just have it be about Diana becoming Wonder Woman and stopping Ares from destroying the world. To be honest this movie isn’t the greatest Wonder Woman story ever told, as a character she hasn’t been known(to me) to have that one great story like the death of Superman. I hate to say it about the most well known female characters in comics but to me I’ve only ever really enjoyed her in JLA issues or team ups with Batman or Superman. I’ve read her book off and on as long as I can remember but I usually lose interest when it gets boring. What this movie did was help me remember that Wonder Woman is a really interesting character when examined as a character whose both warrior and peaceful in the same breath.





A Wonder-ful Hoax

Hey it’s Joe, the new team member of the Tipping the Scales crew. Thought I’d start my first post with something that I just recently heard of and that Charles hadn’t gotten to yet.

It seems that a while back a website ( came about with the Wonder Woman logo and a simple slogan “The Truth will be revealed”. The site cleverly updated periodically with pieces of the initial image torn revealing a person in the Wonder Woman garb under neath. At last the final piece revealing our possible Amazonian Princess was torn away and who was standing there but the beautiful Megan Fox. Now, to the untrained eye, this may seem believable, the costume is authentic and the logos are all in the right place. Much to the disappointment of many fans however the image is photoshoped and the website a hoax. Another online blog similar to this one, (no affiliation with me) was able to reach a rep from Fox which confirmed the site and image are “complete B.S.”

Now don’t get me wrong, Megan Fox is an amazing and beautiful woman. Someone this writer is very fond of, and could picture.. well.. thats not important. Megan Fox could very well get the role of Wonder Woman, if they were casting for a role for her younger self. I do believe that her very young appearance does not do her any justice for a role like this, and she lacks the commanding presence that Wonder Woman has. This is an Amazon, toughest woman on the planet and she needs to be able to grip that role and from what she has done in the past, she has not demonstrated this. I could be wrong and she may very well end up with the role and prove me wrong. While personally I don’t think she is suited for this particular character, there are other Super Heroines She is very well suited for. Aheemm..AspenMathews…Cough..

Beyonce as Wonder Woman?

“I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman? It would be great,” the award-winning singer and actress told the Los Angeles Times. “And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?”

The 27-year-old wife of rapper Jay-Z told the newspaper she already met with reps from Warner Bros. and DC Comics and expressed her interest in the role Lynda Carter made famous in the 1970s.

Should she get the role, Beyonce says she would have to stay in top shape.

“I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume. The way that Lynda Carter wore it, she was sooo fine,” Beyonce told the Los Angeles Times.

My two cents:

Although I would love to see her in the costume on Halloween, I wouldn’t really want to see her in a movie. She’s not a really awesome actress. I could see her playing Vixen(animal powered Justice League Member) or maybe Thunder(Black Lightning’s daughter) but not Wonder Woman.



The golden Lasso of Truth won’t be needed to confirm the rumors: Keri Russell is indeed the star of the February 2009 animated DVD movie Wonder Woman, the next in a series from Warner Bros. and DC Comics following Tuesday’s release of Batman: Gotham Knight.

The Felicity star voices Princess Diana, the Amazon-turned-superhero. “This story is funny and action-packed and adult in a nice way,” Russell says. “Then they said Nathan Fillion was playing opposite me, and that made it that much better.”

Fillion, who costarred with Russell in the 2007 indie darling Waitress, plays Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, who crash lands on the Amazon’s island. “Playing second fiddle to Keri is a wonderful fiddle to play,” Fillion says. “I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again—quite happily.” The Desperate Housewives star adds, “What I like about Steve Trevor is that he’s a very real guy. He’s very honest and he’s very natural. He doesn’t apologize for much. And he’s about as normal as a guy can be while hanging out with Wonder Woman.”

The movie tells the Amazon princess’ origin story. “She’s a true, strong warrior, but she’s also right at the break of being a young woman standing on her own and fighting out in the world,” Russell says.

Also in the cast are Virginia Madsen as Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta; Rosario Dawson as Diana’s Amazon rival Artemis; and Alfred Molina as Ares, the film’s villain. — Rich Sands

-Taken from TVGUIDE.COM